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5 Reasons to Dance at Your Reception

I recently served as the DJ and Officiant for an amazing couple named Erica and Charlie. They invited their closest family and friends for an intimate wedding and reception for about 50 people. You might expect that a smaller guest list would result in a calmer, quieter reception.

Not hardly.:)

These people came ready to party! The dance floor stayed full for 3 hours and essentially turned into a dance club by the end of the evening.


Because Charlie and Erica danced.

It might sound surprising, but at your wedding reception, your guests will mimic your behavior. If the bride and groom are sedate and quiet, the guests will feel like they have to be. If the bride and groom are ready to celebrate and dance, then your guests will enthusiastically join in!

It turns out that dancing has even greater benefits. According to a study conducted by the University of Brighton, dancing makes you healthier and helps you live longer. So, not only should you dance at your wedding reception, but maybe going out to dance regularly is one of the healthiest choices you can make as a couple.

According to the study, here are 5 reasons to dance at your reception and as often as you can:

  1. You burn 300 calories per hour
  2. You increase your energy
  3. You lighten your mood
  4. You make your brain healthier
  5. You strengthen your social ties

So, as you plan your wedding reception with Elevation Live Entertainment, plan on dancing. Your guests will have a much better time, you and your new spouse will enjoy yourselves more, and you and your love might just live longer together!

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